Education Path Finder Sponsors Global Summit

ducation Path Finder (EPF) was selected to speak at the INDO GLOBAL EDUCATION EXPO & SUMMIT November 2014, Hyderabad, India Education Path Finder presented “Study Abroad in America & Canada,” followed by a panel discussion.“There are thousands of students in India looking to study abroad, and the Indus Expo gives students the tools they need to find the right college match, stated Elena Rondi, Marketing Director for EPF. “We are excited about our presentation at the recent Global Summit and helping students to find the right path to achieve their academic and career goals.”

The Expo helped students who were looking to enroll in undergraduate and graduate programs of foreign universities the opportunity connect with them. EPF’s online college search tool keeps students connected long after the end of the Summit. Our team supports students from around the world and connects them with the best match for their educational needs. For more information on the Indo-Global Education Expo & Summit, visit:
About Education Path Finder
Education Path Finder ( is an online global college search and tutoring site with the most comprehensive college search tool in the industry. EPF connects students from around the world with over 10,000 educational institutions in eight
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