Throw Down Thursday!

Here it is! The moment you’ve been waiting for – the chance to win $25! Each Thursday, we’ll be featuring the SAT/ACT math question of the week and all correct answers (with supporting work shown) submitted to with the subject line “Throw Down Thursday” within 5 days of the original post (so, by the next Tuesday at 5 PM EST) will be entered to win $25 USD!

The winner will be announced the following Thursday and we’ll post the correct answer along with the next question. Yes, that’s right! EVERY WEEK you have a chance to flex your math muscles and win money. Seriously, nothing could be better. Nothing!




For what values of x does (x + 4)(x - 9) = 0?


Submit the answer and your supporting explanation to: with the subject line “Throw Down Thursday”. Remember to show your work!

Good Luck!