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Since its inception, establishing a successful career path has been the main focus of Education Path Finder. EPF’s comprehensive search engine is a one stop solution for all students who wish to get a tutor for themselves.

Education Path Finder bridges this gap, bringing students and educational institutions together to simplify the selection procedure. EPF helps you to find a tutor of your choice using our refined search engine filters that present you with accurate options.

All you need to do is feed in your specific requirements related to the tutor you are searching for. EPF’s search engine will generate the exact information from our database of tutors and give you the most relevant results.

Whether you are in kindergarten or if you are looking for help with career related professional courses, Education Path Finder’s search engine helps you find the right tutor.

Here is what you need to feed in:

  • Class timings of your preference
  • Years of experience your tutor needs to have
  • Type of assistance you want - private tutoring or homework help
  • Choice of your locality

With us, you are just one step away from succeeding in the field of academics.